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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ground Water Depletion - Where are we headed?

Freshwater is a scarce resource; its annual availability is limited and demand is growing, especially in Asia, Africa and North America. By 2025 these regions may face fresh water withdrawal, as high as 40% of total available fresh water in 1995 . With on-going growth of population and climate change on account of carbon emission/global warming, adversely affecting the rainfall pattern, coming era of water scarcity could adversely affect billions of people.

There are many spots in our country where serious water depletion or pollution takes place: rivers running dry, dropping lake and groundwater levels and endangered species because of contaminated water. India has 16% of the world’s population – but only 4% of the world’s fresh water sources. 90% of India’s rural water supply is from groundwater, which is reaching unsustainable levels of exploitation.

At this pace, I wonder what to talk of next generation, however, even our generation would find it difficult to survive.
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