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Sunday, 14 August 2011

What made me interested in this subject?

It was during the course of my project on Carbon footprint that I fell upon some interesting facts on water consumption. Water footprint came as a natural corollary to my study on Carbon. When I went deeper into the subject, I got to know that fresh water consumption is done in two ways – direct consumption and indirect consumption. While direct consumption, at max, accounts for around 5%, it is the indirect consumption that accounts for 95% of total water consumption by an individual. The indirect consumption of water is in the form of articles that we consume – eat, wear, use etc.

I got this idea of creating this blog – ‘ALL4H2O’ on issues of water footprint when I realized that a cotton t-shirt of 500 gms consumes more than 4000 liters of fresh water. Through this blog I urge you to contribute your, ideas and opinions on the subject  so that we can help spread this cause.

To explore the subject further, I have given few links in the end.

H2O ConserveWater FootprintNational Geographic

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