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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Say No to Crackers , Say Yes to Environment.

Lot of Diwali wishes were being exchanged last week. Diwali is to India, what Christmas is to Western World. Time for family reunions , merry making , exchange of gifts and fire crackers.

However, celebration of this festival through fire crackers is one aspect which could be changed and our environment could be given respite from this choking.

Considering the huge population base of India , the amount of emission produced because of fireworks would by any day larger than the US emission on 4th of July which is estimated at 60,340 tons. This is more than  the emission  produced by 12,000 cars is a year or 115,000 light bulbs left burning for a year.

And we are talking about only two countries and two events. Just think about the whole world and various events - Christmas , New Year , FIFA world cup , Super Bowl , Independence Days  etc.
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